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Thoughts on anti-Semitism

It is a long time since I wrote in this blog. There is a repeating pattern whereby a period of illness (in this case recovering from some surgery just before Christmas) sets me back in my ‘proper’ writing, rendering me … Continue reading

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with all best wishes for happy holidays and a peaceful 2018

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Not such good work, Matthew Taylor

The long-waited Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices is now published, under the title Good Work and it is, I am afraid, very disappointing indeed. In terms of its concrete recommendations it goes beyond being a missed opportunity, out of … Continue reading

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and more on the future of work

In the new spirit of reblogging here things I have already blogged elsewhere, here is a piece that appeared today on the LSE blog at (their headline not mine). Future of Work: taking the blinkers off to see new … Continue reading

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The future of work

And here is the original version of a blog post that was published on January 25th in the Huffington Post, a shorter version of an article published in German in Volksstimme. ________________________________________________________________ Each time there is a wave of technological … Continue reading

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Universal basic income and women’s liberation

Here is a blog post I wrote for Compass, originally published on their site on January 13th, 2017. ________________________________________________________________ From 1971 to 1978, the UK women’s liberation movement held ten national conferences at which it formally adopted a total of … Continue reading

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The key criticisms of basic income, and how to overcome them

I quite often write blogs for sites other than my own. It has been suggested to me that I should post them here too, to make life easier for followers who like to see things in one place, so here … Continue reading

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Not in a shy way

It was entirely predictable that Trump’s first dance as president of the United States would be performed (with some cartoonish mouthing of the words) to the tune of ‘My Way’, playing out in a manner beyond irony the triumph of … Continue reading

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Best wishes for 2017

2016 was a year in which the world turned upside down in so many ways. And nothing seems to sum it up better than this shop window display I spotted this morning in Belgrade with its astonishing juxtaposition of icons. … Continue reading

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How global IT companies screw up your daily life – another example

  I have been seriously thinking for the last six weeks or so that I am developing dementia, after repeatedly finding that entries I had made in the diary feature on my iphone (on which I have relied for years) … Continue reading

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