Unfolding drama

Everything is being shuttered up again very fast, although it is only early afternoon. And I just got a phone-call from a neighbouring club-owner telling me to expect ‘serious trouble’ tonight. It seems that the kids who were seen off last night by the local Turkish shopkeepers are planning some sort of revenge attack, and a number of local businesses (several of which back on to my house and one of which is actually underneath the room in which I am writing this) are afraid they may be torched. He lives opposite where the bus was set alight on Shacklewell Lane last night and described it as ‘absolutely terrifying’. So it seems there is some hysteria building up alongside the business-as-usual attitude that was so strong this morning. It’s all very volatile. I am planning to sit tight and continue working on the research proposal that has to be in by friday and the next issue of the journal that is so overdue. But watch this space… By the way, a video of the commotion outside my house last night by John Domokos can be seen at http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/video/aug/09/london-riots-london (mine is the first house round the corner opposite the Rio Cinema with its lovely blue light).


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