Trouble expected tonight

Perhaps I was premature when I wrote that last post about the local riots. I just went out to post a letter and it is clear that trouble is expected tonight in Dalston. All the local shops, takeaways and restaurants are shuttered up. There are a few nervous-looking youths outside Tesco in Kingsland High Street. One police car went by whilst I was out and there is a helicopter circling overhead. The weather is adding to the general atmosphere of tension and foreboding. A gusty wind and dark bruise-coloured storm-clouds and showers interspersed with short periods when buildings are lit with a livid yellow light, though it will soon be dusk. But it could all just be paranoia. The Guardian blog ( reports confrontations with the police in Mare Street (another part of Hackney) and also links to this: – a leaflet purportedly found outside Dalston Argos a few yards from my front door, giving advice on how to avoid arrest. As I write this there is a crescendo of police sirens screeching up the A10 in the direction of Tottenham. Nevertheless, there are people going about their business in an absolutely normal way and it is hard to feel personally apprehensive.

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