Happy holidays! and all best wishes for 2011

Usually I design a little webpage as a Christmas card but this year I am using the blog instead (OK for some things but it cannot even reliably add captions to pictures, let alone arrange them nicely on the page). So apologies for being even sketchier than usual. The reason for this is that I had a new server installed a couple of weeks ago and every day I discover some new thing that has stopped functioning. Today it is the software i use for creating web-pages. Yesterday I found that my vast itunes archive had disappeared, including all my old vinyl recordings that I laboriously transferred last year as part of what was intended as an gesture towards efficiency and space-saving. All that wasted labour!
I am now in the throes of unpacking the boxes that were packed in such a rush in november 2009. And that is provoking similar feelings: what a waste of effort it was to bother to pack some of that stuff. But, in contradiction to this, I get very upset when I find something broken. The professional packers I used were indiscriminate in the extreme, expending the same effort on wrapping an empty jam-jar as a bit of 18th century porcelain. Today’s prize find, in amongst the coats, which must have been swept together into a box from the coat-rack, was a plastic bag containing some loose change, some make-up and a two-thirds-full bottle of mineral water (no doubt hung there by my daughter in a distracted moment long ago). There was also a bowl from the dresser still containing its random collection of rubber bands, batteries, coins, cough-sweets, screws and a single earring!
The new house still isn’t really finished but i am determined to get the kitchen functional by christmas. It is finally starting to look like a home. Yesterday, I ventured out to the shop when the snow stopped and came back to find the scene in this blurry picture. It is of course lovely to live in a street, only inches off the main A10, where people can spontaneously burst into snowball revelry, but the historic feature for me is that warm orange glow behind the parked red van – it is emanating from my new kitchen; this was the first day I used it!

Coming home to my own kitchen!

Coming home to my own kitchen - See that orange glow behind the red van!

To give an indication of progress over the year I am also uploading some of the other pictures on my iphone.
To quote my favourite band in the 70s, ‘what a long, strange trip it’s been’.

to this...


to this.

And to quote my dear, now long-departed but still much-missed friend Lynette Trotter, there’s only one way to go: ‘Onwards, and upwards’.
So here’s wishing you forward and upward movement through whatever excitements 2011 holds for you.

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