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It’s undeniably spring again. The lemon tree that i brought indoors to protect it from the frost that never was (see picture) has burst into bloom, incongruously filling my office with an overpowering Mediterranean perfume. Saint David’s Day has been … Continue reading

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Wishing you a fruitful 2014 and happy holidays

This picture was taken on my roof terrace last summer: ripening tomatoes, lemons and jalapeno peppers. If only my typing fingers had been as productive . . . Hoping that 2014 will be fruitful for you in every way.

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Flying into Belgrade on a clear early April day a couple of days ago, I was treated to an amazing spectacle, glimpses of which are shown here, of the heavily farmed agricultural landscape of this part of the Danube valley. … Continue reading

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1963 – the great unbuttoning

As 2013 begins, I am reminded that it marks the 50th anniversary of 1963, the year when, in most people’s reckoning, the 1960s really started. Last night, I had dinner with Liz Heron*, whom I first met when she invited … Continue reading

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Starting the new year with a bit of decay

I used the image in the last post as my greetings card this Christmas (changing the title to ‘knock, knock’ because people found the existing one rather obscure). I took the picture in Budapest several years ago when the sight … Continue reading

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you’ll never know unless you try

With all best wishes for happy holidays and nice surprises in 2013

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Happy Christmas, Corporations! with love from George Osborne

The public debate about yesterday’s Chancellor’s Autumn Statement has been largely framed, by the Labour party as well as by the mass media, in terms of a redistribution between the poor and the rich, with the latter presented in their … Continue reading

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Size Queens, consumption work and the unpredictable paths that ideas travel

Last week I received an email saying, ‘My band, The Size Queens, are about to release our 5th album, in part due to your work. The cybertariat was the inspiration for it — though we’ve been progressively moving in this … Continue reading

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Found Art (or the delights of negative entropy)

A sophisticated awareness of graffiti is now part of the essential intellectual armoury of any East London resident or visitor with pretentions to hipness or gentility. Tourists take guided tours of the street art of Shoreditch, Islington home-owners trying to … Continue reading

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Stuck in the head

Whether it is because the synapses transmit more randomly to each other in an ageing brain or perhaps just because I am exposed to fewer auditory distractions, I have recently found that songs are getting stuck in my head for … Continue reading

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